Adjusting to my new normal…


The 60 second shower: remember when you used to turn the shower on and dance for 20mins whilst you shave, shower and wash your hair. Well now you’ve turned into a superhuman and you can do all that in one minute. Ready… steady… go!

Dealing with sick: You will use your top, your hand, the baby’s top… because even though you have 47 muslins, you will never have one to hand when you need it!

2 hour date nights: we are still mastering the expressed breast milk in a bottle so any date night has to be in record time. However, still recommended and we have had three so far and we loved them.

Becoming ambidextrous: You will master every task (baby related or not) with one hand – it’s amazing! You’ll wonder why you bothered using two hands before.

Being Tardy: maybe you used to pride yourself on being punctual? Forget it! Winning is just turning up (even if you’re three hours late). Seriously!

Being forgetful: baby brain is a real problem people! But you won’t care.

Eating alone: just before you serve up dinner for you and your hubby, you will check your little one who will be contented and happy. The moment the cutlery hits the table, all hell breaks loose and you each take turns to hold the baby while the other eats.

Wearing Leggings. Literally every day. With every top you own. It’s easy and they can be pulled on in seconds. No need to faff!

Sniffing your baby’s bottom (everywhere). You used to see parents in shops smelling their child and think “I’ll never do this”… switch to six months later and you and your partner will be passing him between you both and saying “I think he will be ok for a bit longer… won’t he?

Scheduled sex: All I am going to say is don’t expect to see or speak to me on Wednesday or Saturday nights!!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Witterswords says:

    All so very true!! 😂


  2. Julie says:

    A hilariously true account summarising the joys of adjusting to your new life as a mum! My fave blog to date, keep them coming 😘 xx


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